Calamus Rotana Team

  • Miftah Ribchi

    Founder & CEO

  • Rahmawati K.

    Co-Founder & CFO

  • Evin

    Lead Marketing

  • Mareta


  • Vega


Why Choose Calamus?

Calamus Rotana Cattail is a training provider with thousands of updated training material titles and provides a choice of hundreds professional & up-to-date speakers. In order to meet the needs of each agencies.


The training activities are carried out with both offline (public) and online options that can be customized based on the needs of each agency or company.

In House Training

Training that invites organizers and presenters to relevant agencies. In House Training is only attended by employees who come from 1 agency with the title and implementation time determined according to the needs of the agency.


Activities that aim to form a better teamwork and strengthen the sense of kinship among employees.