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"We Serve Knowledge, Spread Happiness"

PT. Calamus Rotana Cattail is a provider of goods and services established in 2019. We are here to support organizational development in all industrial and government business sectors. We hold various kinds of activities focusing on the areas of training, procurement of goods & services, certification, IT consultants, and also event organizer gathering.

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Calamus Rotana Cattail comes with training programs that are packed in such a way, so it can accelerate the transfer of knowledge and skills, to improve the ability of employees to support the pace of company development.

Our training programs are all supported by credible and professional instructors in their fields. The theoretical briefing that is delivered is the elaboration of participants' needs, sharing experiences, discussions, and application of new understandings and knowledge. So all participants are able to achieve the expected competencies.

Some of the titles and training facilities can be reviewed first. If you have any questions or need any help, kindly contact us, we will be more than happy to help.


Training Need Analysis (TNA)

HUMAN RESOURCES 04 Oktober - 06 Desember 2022

Career Path & Development

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Why Choose Calamus?

Calamus Rotana Cattail is a training provider with thousands of updated training material titles and provides a choice of hundreds professional & up-to-date speakers. In order to meet the needs of each agencies.


The training activities are carried out with both offline (public) and online options that can be customized based on the needs of each agency or company.

In House Training

Training that invites organizers and presenters to relevant agencies. In House Training is only attended by employees who come from 1 agency with the title and implementation time determined according to the needs of the agency.


Activities that aim to form a better teamwork and strengthen the sense of kinship among employees.


About Us

Calamus Rotana Cattail puts forward the principles of transparency, cooperation and loyalty as our commitment to optimally meeting training needs. We present innovative, creative, and cheerful concepts in bringing progress that fits the spirit of youth in the digital era.

Miftah Ribchi

Founder & CEO

Rahmawati K.

Co-Founder & CFO


Lead Marketing



What They’re Saying

See how Calamus is helping teams get organized and work smarter.

MPP Bank Kalbar

Terima kasih Calamus Rotana Cattail, atas service yang memuaskan selama 6 hari ini kami di Lombok. Jadi perjalanan itu cukup menyenangkan, dan service yang menyenangkan, memuaskan, karna terorganisir dengan baik. Semoga sukses selalu!!!

Bu Amanda, Bank Kalbar

Pelatihan hari ini sangat memuaskan, instrukturnya ramah-ramah baik-baik terus pengajarnya juga oke materi yang disampaikan juga sangat nyampai ke kita, juga saling membantu terimplementasi di kegiatan di kantor pokoknya sukses buat Calamus Rotana Cattail. Sampai ketemu lagi di pelatihan berikutnya.

Nurul Fadri, Bank DKI Jakarta

Be better. Thank you!

Nanik Kristiyanti, Bank Papua

Materi sangat bagus untuk diikuti oleh para leader.

Khairil Amri, Bank Kalbar

Menurut saya tidak ada yang tidak disukai dari pelatihan ini. Dapat kami simpulkan baik vendor atau panitia, pemateri maupun layanan hotel sangat memuaskan kami sehingga tujuan dari pelatihan dapat dicapai. Tetap menjaga kualitas yang sangat baik ini.

Diyan Rizaldi, Bank Kalbar

Khusus dalam pelayanan yang diberikan sangat memuaskan, baik dan sopan. Agar ditingkatkan kembali terkait service yg diberikan, khususnya komunikasi yang sudah terjalin baik ini.

Our Partners

A true partnership is a two way street. Ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise.

Our Clients

Our clients come from both the public sector and the private sector across industries